The making of N912JN

I hope to add to this site as we go.  Building takes priority!

As this site comes up, we’ve gotten the emp/tailcone kit done as far as we’re going to for now.  That means we have not mounted the emp to the tailcone, or the trim tabs, rudder, etc. although they are built. We received the tailcone/emp kit at the end of the year and on Sept 11, 2013 we received the wings, fuse and finish kits.

This is a family project with me (Bob), my wife (Jan) and my father-in-law (Bill) all taking part in the build.

I should also mention that there are some really great websites out there for the RV-12 build.  The build actually happens so quickly that it’s difficult to keep a website up with the progress that’s occurring on the build.

I am changing up the order somewhat of the build steps.  Due to restricted build space, I have not done an fitting of the emp parts to the tailcone. I will not put the tailcone on fwd fuse until fairly late in the game.  This should allow for easier wiring of the instruments, and various systems.  This will also mean that I’ll need to go back and do things that I haven’t done yet.

My garage and home are already getting fairly full of crates, parts and pieces as I work through this.


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